A brand is more than just a logo on a product. It is the sum total of everything that product represents - what a company stands for, what people can expect from its products, and what they can expect from its people. Someone who interacts with our brands should have the same experiences no matter who they talk to or where they are in the purchase process.

Strong branding resonates throughout the life of a product and beyond. Strong branding builds brand loyalty, so people will sing the product's praises. Strong branding lets people feel like they know what they're getting so they feel happy and content with their purchase. Strong branding will help people overlook a product's flaws and feel pride in owning it.

Logo Guidelines

Use the following guidelines to make sure your use of the Davimac Group logos is appropriate.. 

Use "light" logo versions on light or white-coloured backgrounds.

Use "dark" logo versions on dark backgrounds. Use "mono" versions for black backgrounds.

Give horizontal clear space equal to the width of the widest letter.

Give vertical clear space equal to half the height of the highest letter.

Use the logos on any background apart from flat colour.

Distort, warp, or otherwise transform logos from their original ratios.

Use logos that are blurry, pixelated, or otherwise low quality.

Use logos that are too small for any element to be read clearly.

Dealership Website Guidelines

When listing our brands on your website, it is important to follow the below guidelines to ensure that our brand and machinery are accurately portrayed and represented.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Davimac branding, please contact