Stuck for ideas? Here are some helpful marketing suggestions to promote our machinery as well as ways we can help.

Dealers may wish to utilise local advertising networks to drive brand recognition and build links between our products and their dealerships. 

These marketing avenues may include:

The non-exhaustive list below covers a broad spectrum of marketing options, ensuring dealers have a comprehensive reservoir of ideas to effectively market Davimac and Agrowplow machinery within their local area and target markets.

Machine Demos & Field Days:

Co-organize demonstration days with our sales reps on stocked machines, conducting them in a farmer's paddock for lead generation and sales opportunities. 

Davimac Group representatives attend field days in each state throughout the year. These may be on our sites or in partnership with a dealership. Let us help showcase your Davimac or Agrowplow stock machines, as well as take advantage of the opportunity for further training and relationship building between our respective teams.

Training Days:

Organize training days for dealership sales and service staff teams to enhance their product knowledge regarding our machinery. This ensures confidence in communicating product features, functions, and selling points to potential buyers.

Contact your Davimac Group Representative to organise a training day for your dealership.

Online Listings

Farm Machinery Sales is one of the biggest agricultural machinery marketplaces in Australia for new and used listings and consistently ranks well in Google searches. It is a good option to list stocked machinery.

Machines4U is another popular online farm machinery marketplace. Individual ads can be placed om this site.

Davimac Group has an account with where we can offer to list machines on the dealer's behalf. This requires creating a temporary user under our master account that the dealer then uses for themselves until the machine has been sold or for a pre-determined timeframe.

Other Marketplaces or Directories

Digital Marketing Avenues:

Traditional Advertising Avenues:

Content Ideas

Remember to tailor these content ideas to the specific needs and preferences of your target audience, ensuring that the materials resonate with farmers and potential customers in your market.

Let's Collaborate!

We are happy to help. 

Get in touch with us at and we will come up with a custom advertising and marketing solution that works for you and your target market!