Davimac Group regularly runs advertising campaigns in various markets to help drive brand recognition. Dealers are encouraged to utilise local advertising networks to run regular broadcast, print, digital, and social media advertising campaigns to further drive local brand recognition and build links between our products and their dealerships.

To support your advertising endeavours, we can help you plan and run marketing campaigns for stocked machinery, as well as provide brand assets or ad creative for use in digital or print advertising. 

Cost-Effective Collaboration

We can help offset campaign costs by managing content and asset creation in-house. Certain campaigns may also be eligible for a cost-offset rebate.

Our marketing department stands ready to collaborate with you on the development, design, and distribution of locally targeted digital or print advertising campaigns. 

We will ensure that the campaigns are tailored to resonate with your local audience and seamlessly integrate our brand and products with the unique identity of your dealership to create a cohesive and impactful advertising presence.

We aim to equip you with the resources you need to effectively reach your customers. By aligning our efforts, we can both showcase our products and strengthen your dealership's recognition and appeal within your local market. 

Branded Social Graphics

Hassle-free 'made-for-you' solutions to enhance your online social media presence. 

Our team can craft customized 1:1 social images that align perfectly with your dealership's branding. These ready-to-post visuals are designed to effortlessly elevate your social media engagement and showcase our products in a way that resonates with your audience.

This tailored approach ensures a consistent and professional representation across various online platforms, maximizing your impact in the digital landscape.

Talk to us about organising paid targeted social ads in your area!

Product Videos

Davimac and Agrowplow have a growing library of product, support and demonstration videos. These are great for sharing on your website and social media.

In addition, we can release unedited raw video content of our products at work in the field for inclusion in your own marketing videos.

Access these videos as well as instructions on how to embed them in your website.

Custom-branded Videos

We can create dealership-branded product videos on your behalf for use on social media to help you promote your stock.

These high-impact and professionally produced videos can be used in traditional Facebook posts or, to maximise reach and impact, utilised as a paid social media ad that can be geographically and demographically targeted to farmers and potential customers in your area.

They include a CTA to get in contact with your dealership.

Contact or your Davimac Group representative.

Note: We do our best to ensure our products are presented alongside any dealer-licensed tractor and farm machinery brands, however, this is not always possible due to the nature of machine availability during photo and video shoots.

Digital Marketing Assets

Essential brand assets to empower and bolster your dealership's marketing endeavours. 

Included in this media kit: 

Davimac Chaser Bins Brand Assets

Agrowplow Brand Assets

Further Marketing Resources

We can help dealers execute effective campaigns by providing them with further digital marketing assets such as:

Contact for more information.

Cost-Offset Rebate* for Co-branded Campaigns

Certain dealer-initiated campaigns may be eligible for a cost-offset rebate from Davimac Group. 

Contact for more information.
* Subject to pre-approval by Davimac Group Marketing.